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Re:member: #NeverForget, from Auschwitz to 9/11

When I logged onto Twitter on the morning of September 11, the first thing that caught my eye was the trending hashtag #neverforget. I wondered briefly why these two words were trending – then, of course, I remembered it was 9/11. The reason I was confused is because I primarily associate the words ‘Never forget’ with the Holocaust, and Auschwitz in particular. I thought it would be interesting to delve into the history of this slogan, and to examine why it has become more universal in American culture.


Re:member – an interview with Marine Hannon

When I put out a request for unusual stories about the war two weeks ago, I was contacted almost immediately by Marine Hannon, who wanted to share a very special story about her connection to the war and those who fought in it. Though her story has already been covered online (link) (link), I wanted to interview her and hear her thoughts about what it’s like being a young woman for whom the Second World War still very much dominates the present. Marine grew up with a clear idea of the war as an antecedent to her own life, not just something that happened a long time ago, but an event that made the world what it is today and continues to touch millions of lives. Her parents were very serious about the duty of memory and making their children realise how lucky they were to be free.